Frequently Asked Questions

Our background is in Service Management which means our ethos is built around ensuring that the service we offer to our clients is complete; this includes managing any issues that occur, performing preventative maintenance, taking backups, fully testing all changes made, site monitoring etc.  In addition, our culture revolves around an ethos of continual service improvement so we will actively seek your feedback on anything that may help you, whilst we continue to add further to our service model to improve your experience with us.  And of course our products are focused on delivering quality and customer satisfaction to our clients.

Many other companies providing web design services are performed by people who have other jobs, whereas this is our job so we can focus on our clients all the time.

We ask for 50% of the chosen package price to be paid up front by bank transfer to our company account.  The remainder will become due before the site is made live.  For the second year and beyond, you can pay the ongoing hosting charge monthly, quarterly or annually in advance by standing order.

e.g.  For a 1-3 page web site with a cost of £199, 50% (i.e. £99.50) would be due before we start the design stage with the balance of £99.50 being due at the time of launch.

We prefer payment by Bank Transfer to:

   Red Badge Digital,  Sort Code: 40-47-60,  Account No: 72667169,  Reference: Your business name

Alternatively if you wish to pay by PayPal please request the details from us to make a payment.

This is something that we could do on your behalf if you wish, but we strongly believe that your domain is your intellectual property.  As a general guideline, should any web design company control this on your behalf and they then went out of business you could struggle to reclaim an identity that is important to your business.  Also, we would rather you retained the flexibility and control to move your web site away from us if you wished and we feel this is a more professional approach that matches best practice.   We can of course provide advice and guidance to help you through the process.

You can provide pictures that you have taken yourself or they can be purchased from sites such as,, and  Alternatively a more limited selection of free images can be found on sites such as, and, which incidentally we used for all images displayed on this web site.

We use a 7 step approach to build your web site

Goal identification: Determine the planned purpose of your web site and capture any specific needs

Scope definition: Identify the pages and features required to meet the goals

Create Sitemap: Define the sitemap and how the pages will interrelate with each other

Content creation:  Create individual pages and introduce content (text) provided by the client

Visual elements: Introduce visual styling to match the client’s brand, preferred colour schemes and images

Testing:  Validate that the pages are displayed as designed, all links work and the site works on all device types

Launch!:  Once everything is working beautifully, it’s time to plan and execute the site launch!

To start the process, complete the form on the Get Started page and once we agree the work with you, after clarifying any questions we may have, the initial payment will be due before we start designing your new site in detail and the countdown to launch commences.

Assuming that a logo, images and the content (text) has been provided by you we would expect to have your website built and ready to go between a couple of days and 4 weeks, depending on its size and complexity.  We typically work on several projects at once so having the content in a timely manner allows us to schedule our work efficiently.

The costs shown on the prices page are those that will be incurred to build, host, launch and maintain your web site.

The only other costs you may incur are the purchase of images if appropriate royalty free ones are not suitable, the purchase of a specialist theme/template or plug-in for additional functionality plus the registration of your domain name and its annual renewal costs.

This web site has been developed by Red Badge Digital and will continue to showcase the quality of our sites, with further case studies included here.

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